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How Learning for Fun Supports the Executive Functions of the Brain

I love the beginning of a New Year. It’s a marker to pause and spend some quality time developing that fundamental executive function skill of planning and prioritizing, what I refer to as “future

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Getting Past Fear

I just returned from presenting at the LDA national conference. Dr. Jerome Schultz, a clinical neuropsychologist at Harvard, gave a keynote with the title: Conquering the Fear Factor: Helping Kids with

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Feeling a Little Stuck?

While my brain has executive functioning challenges, I have never let that stop me from being an avid learner. I am ALWAYS learning things! In a recent conversation with my daughter, who was pondering

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8 Tips for Managing an Angry, Fearful, Anxious Brain

Ever since I became absorbed by the world of executive functions, I look at people’s behaviors – even the news -through the lens of the brain’s executive functioning. Everything we do boils

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Oh, the Bully in My Brain…

In Seeing My Time, I refer to the executive function of emotional control as the “bully in the brain.” Our emotions can wreck havoc with our ability to use our “rational” thoughts

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Give Your Brain a Break AND Get Something Done

Our brain can only focus for so long. To improve our cognitive function, we need to take breaks to “shake it up” and revive our energy and focus. One of my high school students with a lot of schoolwork

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