Set Up Success™ College Planner

The Set Up Success™ College Planner is a unique system created by Marydee Sklar, executive function expert and speaker. It has been specifically designed to build the key executive function skills of time-management, planning and organization for college students.

This academic calendar was designed to support the habits of daily planning and future thinking to get assignments and multi-step projects done on time. It makes the abstract concept of time visible, supporting students at school and home.

The Set Up Success™ College Planner is designed to be USED and USEFUL as it helps develop key executive function and brain skills necessary for success at school and in life - for all students. This planner will be helpful for any student, particularly those needing organizational support, and those who struggle with ADHD, EFD and other LDs.

The Set Up Success™ College Planner will:

  • Provide structure for planning and prioritizing assignments, study time, social events and downtime
  • Function as a organizational method to get papers to and from class
  • Support future thinking and planning for larger, multi-step projects 
  • Empower college students to take ownership of their schedule and plan independently

This Planner Features:

  • 13-month calendar from August 2023 - August 2024
  • Each month is a two page spread with large boxes for planning ahead
  • Two-page year calendar spread for seeing the "big picture"
  • Two clear, vinyl slash pockets in the front to transport assignments and keep plans in sight
  • Includes a separate easy-tear Day / Week pad with individual sheets to develop the habit of daily planning and to support working memory
  • A clear vinyl back pocket for storing weekly plans.
  • Project pages where students can visibly plan project steps and add them to their calendar
  • Two pages of visual instructions on how to use the planner
  • Access to instructional videos demonstrating how to best use the planner
  • Flat enough to stay open on a desktop while students are working
  • Lightweight and easy to carry and slip in and out of a backpack.
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