Meet the EFS Team

Marydee Sklar, Executive Functioning Success

Marydee Sklar
Owner, Creative Force and Expert Hugger

Marydee Sklar has been helping people with time-management and organization challenges for over 20 years through online and group classes for families and professionals. Her Amazon best-selling book is for parents: 50 Tips to Help Students Succeed

Kathleen Elliott

Kathleen Rutter
Instructional Coordinator, Factotum, Editing Wizard

Kathleen is our point of contact for anyone interested in working with Executive Functioning Success. She coordinates private sessions, family group sessions and presentations. Kathleen also manages the EFS calendar, answers your questions and acts as our behind-the-scenes support for anything that comes up! She is also co-instructor of our graduate level online courses.

Monique Myhre

Monique Myhre
Seeing My Time Instructor, Mindful Mentor

Monique is a long-time private educator and mentor with a BA in Child Development / Family Relations. She has 35 years of experience working in the arena of tailored learning, teaching children and adults in non-traditional settings through one-on-one tutoring and small group lessons. In addition to teaching Seeing My Time, Monique owns and operates a French tutoring business.

Julie Miller

Julie Miller
Seeing My Time Instructor, Warm-Hearted Supporter

Julie Miller has been in education for 25 years. A graduate from the University of Oregon, she works closely with families through workshops and conferences, presenting on various topics including Conflict Resolution, Guiding Behavior, and Supporting Writing with Play. In addition to teaching Seeing My Time, Julie can often be found working side-by-side with parents in a co-operative preschool.

Annika Ahlstrom
Seeing My Time Instructor, Compassionate Advocate

Annika has a Master's Degree in Drama Therapy, a dual Master’s of Science Degree in Teaching and Special Education, a Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant certification and  a certification as a mindfulness instructor with Mindful Schools. She has served in a variety of capacities as drama therapist, special education teacher, learning specialist and learning disabilities teacher consultant. Annika has been teaching The Seeing My Time program for many years and loves the process of learning and growing along with her students!

Veronica Bishop

Veronica Bishop
Marketing Director, Organizer Extraordinaire

Veronica is our webmaster, digital marketer and social media expert. She also supports course and product development and our online classrooms.