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Learn to Manage Executive Functioning Deficits and Take Control of Your Time

Seeing My Time® Family Group Course, Portland Oregon

  • Are you or your family constantly late or stressed?
  • Are you or your family overwhelmed with deadlines or school work?
  • Are there missing assignments or reports?
  • Do big projects get put off until the last minute?
  • Are you exhausted from nagging and worrying?

You've come to the right place!

The Seeing My Time® Family Group Course is a time-management, planning and organization program designed for families with students grade 5 and up, as well as individual adults and college students.

Next Course Starts:

September 14, 2019

Fall Session
Seven Saturday Afternoons 

Instructor: Marydee Sklar 

Fall Session Dates: 
Saturdays, September 14th21st

NO CLASS Sept 28th
Resume class October 5th, 12th, 19th

NO CLASS Oct 26th
Resume class November 2nd, 9th

Time: 3:00 - 4:45 pm


$400 - 1 Adult
$450 – 1 Adult and 1 Family Member (age 10+)
$500 – 1 Adult and 2 Family Members (age 10+)
$550 – 1 Adult and 3 Family Members (age 10+)
$600 - 1 Adult and 4 Family Members (age 10+)

About The Family Group Course

  • 7 group sessions with other struggling families and adults taught by Marydee Sklar as she guides you through the Seeing My Time® workbook.
  • Sessions are 1 hour and 45 minutes long and held at our SW Portland office or at the Multnomah Arts Center down the street (location determined by class size).
  • Workbooks included 
  • Supportive, like-minded community
  • Class held twice per year: fall and winter sessions available.
Mother and son students of Marydee Sklar's Seeing My Time® program

The Process... 

You will be introduced to the brain’s executive functions to learn why some brains struggle with certain tasks

Develop a visual understanding of time, which begins the process of creating long-term change

Go home with an array of concrete, visual time-management tools targeted to support specific executive function challenges

This course is appropriate for:

  • School age students fifth grade through high school. At least one parent is required to attend
  • College students. We recommend that a parent attend if the college student is living at home
  • Adults struggling with time management issues at work and home

How to Register:

  1. Register for the course using the 'Add to Cart' button below.
  2. After you register and pay, you will receive an important email with an intake form to fill out, along with information about the class location and dates. NOTE: Please check your spam or promotions folder for this email.
  3. Workbooks and materials are included in the class fee, so no additional purchase will be necessary.

Seeing My Time® Family Group Course

My daughter and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks for offering the Seeing My Time course. It was everything I had hoped for her. The course has created a deeper awareness of time and given us great tools to implement. It is a challenge for her to deal with the demands of school, which are all so time-bound.

The course is so well designed, was inspiring, practical and content-rich. She will benefit greatly as she moves forward with her education using all the new tools and techniques she learned.

I didn't realize in the beginning how much I also needed the course even though I was in it to help support my daughter. I got so much out of it and learned a lot. We so enjoyed connecting with you and your engaging style. Thanks again!

Jessica Seeing My Time Family Group Course


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