Seeing My Time Sessions with our Trained EFS Instructors

Loved My Private Sessions!

I really loved doing the course with you! I still use my daily time sheets and weekly sheets and I say it's thanks to those sheets that I just managed to work full time, take care of family, AND empty out my dad’s apartment that he had lived in for over 50 years - and he was a collector!Thanks again. You really have such a nice way with people and it made doing the training so enjoyable!

Private sessions with Marydee

Alex and I are doing much better. In a big part due to Marydee's program. I can't tell enough people about Seeing My Time. People always want to see what's on my Project Page and Weekly Agenda. 🙂 Alex is off to college next year!! Keep it up, you guys are helping people.


So grateful for these life-long skills

Marydee Sklar's Seeing My Time program has been one of the best gifts I've ever given our family. We initially attended Marydee's program with the intention of providing our son with skills to navigate middle school academics and the increase in his homework load. We came away from the program with so much more. Learning Marydee's time management skills has reduced the stress in our household dramatically. We are forever grateful for the life-long skills that we've learned which help us thrive as individuals and as a family unit. Thank you Marydee!

Handworks Northwest

Marydee Showed Our Family How to Get Things Done

Marydee shows how to break daunting to-do lists down into manageable pieces. Then she shares methods that show how to get things done. With humility and humor, Marydee shows how to accomplish what once seemed impossible. This class had a nice flow and pacing of information. Thanks Marydee!

Lisa Daniels

Seeing My Time has Transformed my Life!

I wanted to share how much SMT has transformed my life. Gee... that sounds so dramatic, yet it is so true. Getting things done, on time, and to the best of my ability has bolstered my self-confidence to the point where I feel so free. Free of the panic and dread that dominated me because I would take on so much and never get it done. Also, the ability to organize my time helps my dyslexic brain function so much better. Really, it has taken over three years - but it has happened; I am at the level of productivity and with a high quality of life that I had dreamed of achieving. Thank you so much for your work. Now, I hope to share it with others so that they can have the same joyful experience!

Denielle Adibi
English Language Instructor

Seeing My Time® Family Group Course

My daughter and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks for offering the Seeing My Time course. It was everything I had hoped for her. The course has created a deeper awareness of time and given us great tools to implement. It is a challenge for her to deal with the demands of school, which are all so time-bound.The course is so well designed, was inspiring, practical and content-rich. She will benefit greatly as she moves forward with her education using all the new tools and techniques she learned.I didn't realize in the beginning how much I also needed the course even though I was in it to help support my daughter. I got so much out of it and learned a lot. We so enjoyed connecting with you and your engaging style. Thanks again!

Seeing My Time Family Group Course

Professional Training Courses, Teaching Seeing My Time and Building Executive Function Skills in the Classroom

Helps Teach Concepts in a Fun and Engaging Way

This course and the ‘Seeing My Time Class for Professionals’ informs teachers and other professionals how the brain learns and what mechanisms of the brain are used to plan and get stuff done. In this age of information overload, we need to help students understand the brain’s basic features, and connect that to how how to accomplish goals large and small. This is especially true for the population of students who have executive function challenges like those with ADHD. I have not found any other curriculum that helps teachers and clinicians teach these concepts in such a fun and engaging way!

Rebecca Gordon, MD
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

So Many Tips and Resources

This course was very valuable to me as an occupational therapist. I have so many tips and resources now to support all my clients including those who struggle with emotional regulation and support to help their brains learn and evolve for better coping skills and purposeful function.

Amanda LeReche
Occupational Therapist

This Class Helped Me as a Speech-Language Pathologist and as a Dancer!

I wanted to tell you that I have not only found your strategies and approach to teaching wonderful in my professional life but in my personal life as well. I love to dance and balancing my professional responsibilities as a full-time Speech-Language Pathologist working for Providence and dancing in two dance companies in Portland has been a challenge at times. I found myself using what I've learned from your class with my interactions with my fellow dancers and helping them (and myself) with time management and metacognition to retain choreography and make it to rehearsals on time. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your continued work with executive functioning. It's amazing how much I think about executive functioning and how your course has really changed my outlook on life and my ability to do the things I love.

Cherie Swain
Speech-Language Pathologist

The most Helpful I've Taken in my 34 years in Education

What an amazing course! I have to say, this is the best professional development course I have ever taken. I can't wait to use the information in my class and with my teachers. This course has opened my eyes to a world of strategies and vital information to share with my students and their parents as well as my colleagues.As someone who teaches an Executive Function seminar to middle schoolers, I was looking for research-based curriculum ideas that were practical and easy to understand and share. Not only did I find that in this course, but I also found tips and research to share with the teachers to assist them in supporting their students with EF deficits.Often I hear parents take the approach that their kids are in middle school; they have to be independent now. They don't understand that while some students have amassed strategies that they use to help them with their responsibilities, many students haven't. They then get frustrated when the students can't manage on their own. I'm very excited to work on this with my parents, students and teachers. If we all work as a team, we can make a big difference.

Tricia Guggenheim
Learning Coach at Hancock Day School

This Course has Been Life Changing

I believe this course has been a life-changing experience for me. It's been so eye-opening to finally see my own executive functioning weaknesses. It's helped me understand my own children better. I'm working with a coach on a personal level and yesterday we worked out that one of the biggest outcomes from my work with her will be to better support my own executive functioning weaknesses by continuing to implement what I've learned.I am also a dyslexia specialist but I'm having just as much fun learning about and teaching Seeing My Time as I have in learning about dyslexia and tutoring struggling readers. Thank you for all the time you put into developing this course. Not only are you bringing hope to students but you are helping those of us who are older and didn't have the help and advantage of neuroscience when we were growing up. I now feel like I'm finally headed toward a new normal.

Karen Tryon
Owner of Operator of Special Arrows Tutoring

This Course Transformed Me As An Educator

I have never learned so much from a course as I have from this one, thanks to you. I am truly excited to share what I have learned and how it has transformed me as an educator. Thank you for enriching my life both professionally and personally.

Kim Comeau
Teacher, Shanghai, China

A Lifetime of Practical Tools

I almost said, "I'll take this course later!," but then used metacognition and decided to be kind to my future self. If you sign up for Marydee's Seeing My Time course, you will be giving yourself and your family member(s) the gift of a lifetime. I promise you will learn so many practical tools to create a life of joy and purpose.

Valerie Frost-McKinley, M.Ed., CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist

Valuable Strategies for Myself and My Students!

This course was life-changing! I enrolled in the class as an Educational Therapist to support my students. Little did I know, I have MAJOR issues with time! The strategies I learned are extremely valuable. I am excited to share this information with my mom (who I blame for my time issues - ha!) and my students. I am going to teach Seeing My Time to high school students next semester. This was wonderful. I originally intended to take this course to help me be a better educational therapist. But honestly, I am learning so much about myself and how my brain lies to me about time! I am really starting to practice what I preach, so thank you, Marydee!

Amy Elizabeth Rohrbach
Educational Therapist

Great Course

Thank you for this great course and all of your helpful resources! As I go back into the classroom next year, I see myself offering this information to parents to support their early graders. I see where some of these strategies can be implemented in the classroom to establish routines that would hopefully transform into habits for the students. Additionally, I could see myself offering a version of this course as a crash course for middle school families entering high school. Thank you so much!

Alyssa Steller
Classroom Teacher

This Course is a Game-Changer

The Building Executive Function Skills in the Classroom course is wonderful! I think the term I've used is "game changer" with district administration. You've done such a great job taking the incredibly complex world of neuroscience and making it accessible and practical for us all.

Kelly Running
HRCSD Behavior/Autistm Behavioral Support Specialist

Many Wonderful Tips

I found this course to be very useful. There were many wonderful tips. Also, there was great information about how the brain influences executive functioning. All of my students will benefit from what I have learned. Marydee is very knowledgable, and she shares this very clearly.

Elizabeth Bilbao
Works with students with learning differences

Proven Methodology and Research

If you want to learn effective and useful executive functioning strategies that work; take the “Seeing My Time” course. I highly recommend this course! Marydee shares proven methodology and interesting research that supports her strategies.

Lisa Lachford
President of Fox Associates Consultation, providing strategies for planning, employment and leadership development

I Wish All Students Could Have a Course Like This

I wish all MS and HS students could have a course like this and that teachers had more training in why EF skills are so key for growth, learning and success.

Anna Marquez
Director, Open Think Learning

I Can't Wait to Keep Learning!

This course is so unique because it combines the best of theory and practical, hands-on strategies in an engaging, flexible learning environment. I felt empowered each week with the new knowledge, tips, and strategies that I learned, and their application was straightforward and modeled. I have pages of notes and even more resources to review, and I can't wait to keep learning!

Katharine Brownfiel
US Literature, AP Language and Composition, and Yearbook Teacher

This Has Changed How I Dream

This course will forever change how I look at projects, estimate time, and learn how my brain works using future planning. This has definitely changed how I dream, and how I can break down my dreams/projects into small achievable parts. SMT will be changing lives for myself, my family, students, and future clients. I cannot thank you enough for this valuable knowledge.

Ketsia Bosse- Colsme

Now I have a Comprehensive Approach

The Seeing My Time course is excellent and will bring value to my private practice. I've studied Executive Functioning over the years, but until taking this course and using these materials did not have a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to offer. This program, and this course, provides that. I highly recommend it for anyone who works with children, young adults, and even working parents.

Christy Byrne Yates
M.S., Licensed Educational Psychologist

Should be Mandatory for Teachers

This course should be a mandatory part of the study program for teachers. None of my courses at university have made this kind of impact. In the last few months, I have talked repeatedly to so many friends, colleagues, and even some parents about parts of this course and I will continue to advocate for it. Every week brought a new topic that surprised me and made me want to change my ways of teaching and/or learning.

Anke Woodsmall
2nd grade teacher

Energy, Enthusiasm, Clarity

Thanks for another great session! I really appreciate your energy, enthusiasm and clarity!

Teaching Seeing My Time® Professional Training Course

Thank you for Creating this Approach

In committing to this class experience, I have lived through the process of change and the development of new structures. By adding a system to everyday tasks, time and focus become maximized so that little by little, change happens...and over time, bigger goals seem possible. In the future, I see myself using these concrete strategies when working with adults who feel stuck in the helplessness of an overwhelmed life. Thank you for creating and sharing a useful approach.

Jennifer Sopher
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Rich in Practical Content

This course is rich in practical content and tools that will help students immediately!

Kathryn L. Pugh
Educational Therapist

So Valuable During COVID

Thank you so much for this course, Marydee! I am excited to be able to say that now am qualified to teach an actual course on Executive Functions. I also wanted to say how much I think this course is valuable given the current COVID situation. With so many schools turning to online learning, EF issues that had previously gone undetected may be causing students greater stress. I also feel that these time, planning and organizational skills have helped me immensely in a time where my schedule has pretty much "gone out the window." I look forward to sharpening these skills as I continue to use SMT in my practice!


I feel empowered

This course is truly transformational! It was recommended to me and my colleagues by our learning specialist who had taken it several years ago. She and I think it should be a requirement for all teachers, and we are trying to figure out how to make that happen at our school. I feel so much more knowledgeable and empowered not only to help my students with executive functioning skills but also to educate them and their parents on what works and why. I will be making a number of changes this year that will benefit all of my students.

Marianne Crowley
8th Grade English and Humanities Teacher

Very Useful Course

THANK YOU!Thank you, Marydee and colleagues, for this very useful course. As an Educational Therapist, I really wanted a good intervention that addressed executive function skills and this approach really does that for several major skills. I’ve learned a lot from reading everyone’s weekly posts as well as the videos and materials and am excited to begin using Seeing My Time with new clients.

Catherine Wimpey
Educational Therapist and Learning Support Specialist

We Learned So Many Teaching Strategies!

"Not only has the Building Executive Function Skills in the Classroom course provided a streamlined organizational process for our students, but the strategies learned guide our lesson planning across the curriculum. By far, this has been the most applicable and beneficial class we have taken as educators over the last 13 years. We look forward to continued success for our students and ourselves."

Kasia Gutierrez and Christa Pruss

So Helpful

This has been so helpful. I am so grateful to finally have concrete tools and strategies to help my son with ADHD and dyslexia. This has been just the intervention I needed to understand his brain's challenges and to have a meaningful way to help him succeed.

Jennifer Hoofard
Grant Writer/Past College Professor

Highlight of My Year!

I count taking your Seeing My Time course as one of the highlights of my year! It has been to the moon helpful to me – not only professionally with the students, parents and teachers that I work with, but also as I try to-- little by little, incorporate ideas into my own personal life. I can't thank you enough.

Teaching Seeing My Time® Professional Training Course

By the End of the First Class, my Client was Paying Attention!

I just pulled in my first practice client for teaching this course. The student is in high school and it was very obvious she did not want to be doing this course. In the first session, she drew her graph of where she is currently in her learning, where she would like to be, and what her hopes are after this class is over. By the end of the first class, she was not rolling her eyes anymore, and she was fully paying attention! I left the class clicking my heels!I've gained so much knowledge from this program and I am looking forward to working with my clients and their parent(s) and showing them the essence of time! I have great faith that this will change the lives of many of the students that we work with!

Laura A
Executive Function Coach

Thank You for Keeping it Simple!

I started working with a 14-year-old student and his mother last Monday. The student, was not so interested but doodled during explanations so I know he was listening and processing. The mother, is so excited to learn more about her own brain and being time-challenged. Me, I need to practice multiple times before presenting to a group as I tend to share EVERYTHING I have learned in that session, much more than 50 minutes will allow. I'm fortunate to have such patient and understanding clients go through training with me. We only got through Response Inhibition in our first session but I'm sure I can pick up the pace going forward. I always remind my parents in coaching sessions that just because a student transitions to middle school, then to high school, then to college or living independently does not mean that they have the EF's to be successful. Chronological age does not equal mature executive function skills. I hope to see more Universal Design for Learning components introduced to classrooms in my lifetime. Accommodations can be made for those with learning diagnoses, however, many students struggle with EF skills without having any kind of learning disability and could benefit from certain modifications made for all students.Your explanation of information is so easily understood, Marydee, unlike some other EF courses I've taken. Thank you for keeping it simple while explaining the neuroscience behind it all.

Kathy L. Cross
MHR, PgCert Professional ADHD & Executive Function Coach Founder, ADHD in FOCUS Coaching

An Indispensable Resource

Marydee Sklar's online program, "Seeing My Time," proved to be an exemplary course for enhancing executive functioning skills. Despite an extensive 20-year tenure in the teaching profession, this course still provided me with valuable insights and practical strategies to cultivate executive functioning skills tailored to the rapidly evolving digital landscape. It serves as an indispensable resource for educators, families and private practitioners alike, offering effective solutions to alleviate the stress associated with weaknesses in executive functioning areas such as organization, time management, and goal setting.

Trisha L. McNally
Special Education Teacher

The Content is so Conductive to Success!

I will use the curriculum to teach executive functioning skills to adult scolars. I cannot wait to implement the Seeing My Time Program because many of the students experience academic failure. They don't believe that they are smart, and the curriculum will provide emotional and scholarly support as they engage in their educational journey. The content of the class is very explicit, informative, and conducive to success! Marydee Sklar's work is extraordinary!

Claudia Gates
Owner of Operator of Special Arrows Tutoring

I Love Sharing These Strategies!

I have really enjoyed this class because I now implement these strategies myself, but I also share them with clients and even friends and family! I think having a moment to think about what you want your life to be like in the future is a great motivator and a fun moment to dream big. I will forever use the strategies from this course and will continue to practice them until it is a habit. I can't wait to see how I can change lives in the future.

Courtney G
Registered Behavior Technician

A Tremendous Tool

Thank you for this amazing course. As an Educational Therapist, I see students (and their parents) all day long who struggle with time management and organizational skills. This course has offered me the ability to add a tremendous tool to their toolbox! The students and parents with whom I have worked through the Seeing My Time curriculum are seeing immediate results which spurs them on to make more positive changes. Thank you for making this course and for the beautifully created resources!

Lori Horner
Educational Therapist

This Course Helps Students Understand Their Struggles

The approach outlined in this course will be immensely valuable for my Educational Therapy students - so many individuals who struggle with executive functioning skills don't just need strategies and tools, they need an understanding of WHY they're struggling and WHY a certain approach will help address their needs. This course covers it all! Not only does it normalize their experience, removing any association they may have made with their self-worth, but it increases motivation to implement tangible action steps, and increases inspiration around what's possible for them and their life.

Camille Buchanan
Educational Therapist

I would recommend this course to all!

I took this course in winter 2016. I am an ADHD coach in the UK, and I specialize in Time Management. Let me say that I gained so much from this course. I have totally enhanced and changed the way I do things, and my clients have really benefited from the new info and skills I have learnt. I would highly recommend this course to all.

Faigy Lieberman
ADHD Coach / Professional Organizer

This Course is the Missing Link I've Been Searching For!

This is one of the most valuable professional development courses I have taken in a LONG time! As an educator of 25 years and a certified yoga and mindfulness teacher, I found this course to be the missing link I've been searching for. These are life skills I wish I'd learned when I was in elementary school. Marydee is an expert who knows how to present the material in a relatable way. She breaks the learning into small chunks and provides video, text and reading materials to help you learn in the best way possible. I found myself looking forward to each new topic being released. I can't wait to apply what I have learned to both my own life and to my teaching. Thank you Marydee!

Irene Farmer
Educator and Mindfulness Instructor

A Wealth of Strategies

I highly recommend the Seeing My Time course for educators, private clinicians, and parents. Marydee's clear explanations along with her feedback during the course were invaluable to me to help my students with executive functioning challenges. You will gain a wealth of strategies to implement immediately with your students and adult clients alike, with continued support throughout the program. I will reference the SMT Instructor's Manual often as I incorporate the program into my sessions.

Amy Driver
Speech-Language Pathologist

So Many Choices for Different Learning Styles

When teaching Marydee's course, I told my students that this class is not a one size fits all, it's many sizes to fit one. Having many choices to reach the individual learning styles is extremely helpful! I still use many of the skillsets learned from Marydee in the EFS class. I truly believe this is what has helped me accomplish the development of my second business, Trisensory Software, LLC. Taking the Seeing My Time class provided me with the skills I desperately needed in order to make the changes happen. When the going got tough, which was often, I kept reminding myself "Little by little, Change Happens." Then I would buckle down and get just another task accomplished, and feel good about it. Thank you again for creating and supporting the Seeing My Time Program!

Cindy Deagen
Certified Barton Tutor

Learn How to Teach the Science of Executive Functioning Skills Directly

This is one of the MOST helpful and practical courses I have taken for teaching, ever! They are doing another course this summer starting in June. I am learning an incredible amount about how to better understand, have compassion for, and then teach and support students with executive functioning challenges. We are learning how to actually teach the brain science of executive functioning skills directly to students in a child-friendly way to increase their agency and self-confidence in the process. I found it helpful in the framework of my third graders and would recommend it especially up through the 8th grade. I know that EF has been a big topic of discussion in middle school this year as more kids seem to need more support in the realm of planning, organization, time management, and attention than ever. If any faculty are interested in hearing more about my experience with the course I am more than happy to be in touch and share.

Hannah Benson
3rd Grade Associate Teacher

Will Forever Influence How I Work With My Students

The Teaching Seeing My Time class is one of the best professional development experiences of my teaching career and will forever influence how I work with my students. Marydee is a wonderful teacher -- she's clear, purposeful, and so knowledgeable about the brain and how it works. We are now using the workbook for our 6th grade students at our school, with the idea that it's the perfect tool to support student success in middle school and beyond.

Paige Sturges
Middle School Language Arts and Literature Teacher

I'm learning fantastic new things

Marydee is an excellent instructor and I find her presentations to be clear, concise, and very well taught. I already feel as if I'm learning fantastic new things to use with new students and families!

Robin Luckenbaugh
Educational Therapist and Dyslexia Specialist

I Highly Recommend This Course

In the past years I have not looked forward to professional development. Most of the time it didn't apply to me, my subject or grade level. Other times they did not go into enough depth to make it interesting, worthwhile, and applicable in the classroom. This course was just the opposite. It gave just enough insight into the biological processes of the brain that allowed me to have a better understanding of what my students are going through.It gave valuable information, handouts and examples that I can easily implement into my classroom immediately. It also validated some of the procedures I already use, while adding information so that my procedures can be utilized by all students.I highly recommend this course based on the information, but also the pace. The videos were easily understandable and to the point. Breaking the information into video snippets made it manageable and I could watch the current week's videos and past video lessons at my leisure. Thank you! I enjoyed the course thoroughly.

Christa Ishida
6th Grade Math and Science Teacher

I Learned So Much

I have a Masters degree in Special Education and I thought that this would be mostly review for me, but it wasn't! I learned so much!Thank you!!!!

Carol Lawrence
Learning Specialist

I am a Different Person After Taking this Course!

Well… I can confidently say that I am a different person than I was when I started this course. Like others have shared, I came to the course hoping to learn strategies to support my students and never imagined I would learn so much about myself. I learned more about my brain in this course than I did studying psychology for 4 years. I am in the process of applying to graduate school to pursue questions about executive functioning and learning even further, and cannot wait to implement what I have learned with my students and bring this knowledge to my fellow future colleagues.

Olivia Tomaeno
Executive Function Educator

Most valuable course I have done as a teacher!

This course was the most interesting and valuable I have done as a teacher so far! You will learn so much more about the brain and how people with executive functioning think and act. Most of all, it helps me as a teacher and educator to understand them better and have even more patience for struggling students. I am glad that I have learned skills and ways to support students through my knowledge from this course and to use them in the future!

Cathrin Fiess
3rd Grade Teacher

Invaluable Information for my Coaching Practice

This course was absolutely fantastic! I have already had over 300 hours of ADHD coach training and I still learned so much from this course. The information was invaluable for myself and for my coaching practice.

Michael Snyder
ADHD/Life Coach

Will Change You and Your Clients' Lives

I am an educational therapist (ET/P) and work with students who benefit from EF skills support. Many of my middle and high school clients are overwhelmed with school load and after-school activities. Seeing My Time helped me guide them hands-on to develop an awareness of their time. It improves the way they see their lives and encourages them to set goals that they can achieve. Moreover, and most importantly, they can see that they can plan downtime with their busy schedule. As a result, it reduced their stress.I highly recommend taking this course because you will learn beneficial tools and strategies that will change you and your clients' lives.

Maayan Glaser-Koren
Educational Therapist

Course is Easy to Understand

Thanks so much! This course is easy to follow, understand, and use. I immediately was able to apply this to my work with my students.

Kristen Hayton
Learning Specialist

One of the Best Courses I Have Taken

The Seeing My Time course has been one of the best courses that I have taken on executive function. Participating in this course has helped me to not only support my clients, but also to see my own EF challenges. I have been able to apply strategies to my own life, which I am very grateful. The course is presented on video with many visuals. It is a hands on course where you practice the strategies. Marydee presents the content as if she is in the same room with the students taking the course. I feel ready to use Seeing My Time with my clients and I feel like I have the tools to help my clients be more successful. Thank you!

Mindy Hudon
Speech-Language Pathologist

Brain-based research that explains the science

Marydee's course is effective and engaging. She provides concrete tools to create meaningful changes in people's lives, references brain-based research that explains the science behind her process, and shares memorable anecdotal stories that illustrate her program works. The scope of the course is comprehensive: Content ranges from detailing the steps and planning the time required for successfully completing projects to understanding the emotions individuals experience in parent-child interactions. While I did not register for the course for my own time-management needs, I have improved my own executive function skills and benefited from Marydee's teachings to help students.

Tania Benecchi
ADHD Coach

A Much Needed Class

What a wonderful, much-needed class. I'm working it with each of my 3 teenage sons, one-on-one with me. It's a journey and one in which I'm excited to be on with them. Thank you for putting this out there and for your wonderful and inspiring teaching.

Joanne Cahn
Dyslexia Educator

Wonderfully Structured to Support Learning!

This course was wonderfully structured to support learning! The short videos made it easy to fit into my busy schedule and key concepts were reinforced throughout the course. As a speech-language pathologist and brain injury specialist, I found the course very refreshing, with new ideas and information. I especially appreciated the visual components, the systematic approach to learning, and the emphasis on metacognition. Thank you!

Kate Cox
Speech-Language Pathologist

This Program Transformed my Life!

I am a psychologist, and I am currently administering the Seeing My Time program to myself, and I LOVE it! It is incredibly intuitive, FUN, and perfectly aligned with my own profile of Executive Function strengths and weaknesses. Thank you Marydee for literally transforming my life!

Stephanie Meyer

A Life Changer

Thank you, Marydee. This program is a life changer for many. It is not a babysitting tool that requires parents to micromanage. It is a program that empowers students to make their own decisions. It gives them the tools to be successful, less anxious and stressed. They also can feel more independent and stop parents from nagging. 🙂 THANK YOU again!

Magdalena Kruszynska-Piper
Community College Adjunct Faculty and Substitute Teacher

Lessons are Engaging and Informative

As both an educator and a parent, I have seen many students struggle in school because of executive functioning deficits. This course connected the dots between why these students struggled and provided specific techniques and tools to help them overcome their time-management and organizational issues. Marydee's explanations are so clear, and the lessons are engaging and informative. I took the course as a parent hoping to help her son. I know my son has benefitted from going through the Seeing My Time workbook with me. It has set him up to be more successful in college and beyond.

Amy Fossett
Educator and Tutor

As an Educational Therapist, it has Helped me Professionally and Personally

The course has incredible value, very practical and full of really helpful strategies and inspiration. As an Occupational Therapist, it has helped me personally and has improved my knowledge and skills in working with clients. A real eye-opener and I learned so much personally and professionally. I'm still making small and steady progress with my own EF skills.

Peter Connolly
Occupational Therapist & Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) Therapist

I Love Teaching Seeing My Time

I have to tell you how much I LOVE doing the Seeing My Time program with students and their parents. Thank you SO much for putting this all together and continuing to offer classes so I can keep myself strong and connected. I am seeing quite a few families now and I feel like it is helping the children and their parents a great deal. It is incredibly rewarding to be a part of their journey and to be able to offer support, hope and positive communication! Again, I am incredibly grateful for you and all you do!!!

Annika Ahlstrom
Learning Specialist

Gives Me the Language I Need

Thank you for this course! I love that this course gives me the language I need to reach my students and the tools I need to show them how to help themselves grow in the area of executive functions. Over the years, I have seen so many students who have had painful and demoralizing experiences throughout school. I have always wanted to help, but being someone that organization comes rather easily to, it was hard to communicate what I naturally did in a way that would help them. This course has given me so many wonderful tools and ideas. I am excited to share them with my students and watch them change a hard part of their life into a success!

Rebekah McRobert
Library Teacher and Instructional Coach

The Most Useful Professional Development Course in My 20-Year Career!

Omgoodness! This has been the best and most useful PD I have had in a 20-year education career! Having recently stepped away from teaching in the classroom to take a much needed mid-career change to be an Executive Function coach I could have not asked for a more valuable PD experience. This course has been the synthesis of everything I have learned about EF over the past year (and even 20 years of being in the classroom) and has helped me bridge gaps in my own understanding in such a valuable and useful way. I have enjoyed every video and feel I have grown so much! I have so many takeaways that I am already seeing a benefit in the way my clients are seeing their time! It has even transformed my own thinking and behavior! Thank you so much for sharing this gift with us and I am invigorated to share it with my clients.

Courtney R. Wilkens
Executive Function coach

A Cohesive System for Teaching Strategies

I have learned so much from this course. I now have a logical framework in SMT that I can use for the lessons I do in my Study Skills classes that are designed to build executive functioning skills. The support I was providing before was comprehensive but not unified, but now I have a cohesive system for teaching strategies to support my students' executive functioning.Additionally, I've been contemplating building an executive functioning coaching practice, and the SMT program is the tool I was missing for the foundation of my practice. I now feel much more prepared to take action in making the practice a reality.Thank you so much for putting Seeing My Time out in the world!

Panina Licht
Study Skills and Science Teacher

Thoroughly Researched and Eye-Opening

Marydee is an incredible teacher, and her lessons, stories, and hands-on activities elicit many ah-ha moments throughout the TSMT course. My eyes have been opened about executive functioning in relation to seeing time and what useful planning looks like. It's evident that Marydee is a lifelong learner, and she also has extensive experience teaching these very abstract concepts. The information was thoroughly researched, vetted, and easy to understand. This course is the perfect companion for anyone wanting to improve their relationship with time or help others do the same.

Teresa Giustino
Middle / High School Psychologist

A Wonderful Educational Tool!

I have enjoyed learning the Seeing My Time materials and especially learning from Marydee Sklar herself! I like how the program begins with self-assessments for both the student as well as their parent(s). This can lead to some wonderful discussions and self-awareness discoveries. I equally love the emphasis on teaching what executive functions are based on research and brain development. What a wonderful educational tool. Throughout the course, I appreciated having both the teacher's manual as well as the workbooks for each participant. This gave a great structure and helped with the routine for each session as well. Being encouraged to use drawing and doodling for the lessons was great, but really stretched my comfort zone! 🙂 Lastly, all of the forms that are provided are great and I appreciated the many examples that Marydee provided along the way. Her use of catchy phrases also can't be beat! Little by little change happens! Nothing changes if nothing changes!

Melody Hime
School Psychologist/Executive Function Coach

Planners for Adults and Students

This Planner is Like My Best Friend

Before using my Set up Success planner I had an issue with organizing my time and writing all my assignments down. My previous school-issued planners were a big struggle, considering they were tiny, cramped with important dates and events for school, and I could only see one week of homework on 2 pages. Now I am able to see a whole month span of homework, keep better track of my homework as well as extracurricular activities, and organize all my papers that I receive each day. Overall, my planner makes me feel like I CAN get through the school year. I really appreciate the little notes of advice for each month and the Daily To Do Page to organize everything I have going on each week. Thank you Marydee for an amazing and extremely helpful tool to help me through the school year! I’ll always remember that my planner is like my best friend!

Katya K
10th grade, Jesuit High School, Portland, OR

Lowers My Stress

I love it. It is easy to use. Having a plan lowers my homework stress.

Owen T
High School Junior, Portland, OR

I Couldn't Live Without It!

"I've always found it difficult to commit to a planner, and would end up using multiple systems that didn't really serve me. I realize now that I was missing key information about how to get the most out of my planning sessions. Marydee's mini-course gave me the tools I needed to actually use this planner successfully, and to plan for the life I want. I have just completed my first full year EVER of using only one system, and I have already ordered my 2019 planner - I couldn't live without it!

Ronnie B.

Thank you for Creating Such an Awesome Tool

I just wanted to let you know that all last year I tried to get my daughter to use a planner, and she refused. She said that they don’t work for her. I purchased 6 of your planners as I knew that I would be getting a few students to work with on Seeing my Time this Fall. I was also hoping that my daughter would use one. She looked at it, watched the video, and is excited to try using it this school year!! She even decorated the front and back, and has already highlighted all of the school holidays! I am so excited!! Thank you for creating such an awesome tool! I have also sold all of the other planners, and will probably have to order more!

Cheryl Keller
Learning Disability Specialist, British Columbia, Canada

This is the Best Planner I have Ever Used

Thank you so much for creating the Seeing My Time planner. I absolutely love it. I buy planners every year, but this is by far the most useful one that I have ever used. I find it to be an essential tool in accomplishing my goals--both small and large--and at the same time, better enjoying my down time knowing that everything I need to get done has been captured. Thanks for creating such a thoughtfully designed product.


I've Tried a Million Planners - None Worked Until Now

"At almost 64, with ADHD, I've tried a few (million) planners. None worked until now. I am amazed! I think it works because it's multi-sensory. Using traditional pen and pencil reinforces the brain's ability to access and retain information. At first I thought I was going backwards technologically, but electronic devices tax my brain and overload my ability to process data from line to line. Because of my short term memory deficits, I lose my place when tasks require multiple steps. Pen and paper may be "old school", but it's much less anxiety-producing and doesn't break down. I recommend this for all tactile learners or non techno geeks. It just feels good."

Debbie Z.

Presentations and Workshops for Schools and Businesses, Online and in Portland, OR

My name is Claudia Ruf and I am the principal at Glencoe High School in Hillsboro, Oregon. We invited Marydee to speak to all of our teachers during a recent Professional Development day. Teachers are still talking about what they learned, and you could feel the energy in the room. These are some of the comments sent to me from staff after her visit:"The information on executive functioning really makes me think about the demands placed on students and what else we may need to pre-teach before expecting certain outcomes.""Executive Functioning specifics and its impact within the classroom was by far my favorite part of the day.""The science of the brain tells us that there is a way we present information to the students and a way to react to discipline situations that could be more effective."I highly recommend her training. Having teachers learn about executive functioning and time management for students will best help us serve the individual needs of all our students.

Claudia Ruff
Principal, Glencoe High School

Not One Doodle

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for spending the day with us. I am generally a "meeting doodler". I was so interested in your workshop that there is not one doodle in the margins. I can't remember that ever happening before.

Clinic Director, Article 16 Clinic

Actionable Strategies to Use with Our Clients

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to present to the ICD last night. Your presentation was so insightful and offered great strategies and resources for people with executive function challenges. You gave us so much information and then translated it into actionable strategies to use with our clients. It was very inspiring.

ICD Staff

I felt like dancing!

About half way through your seminar, I felt like dancing! It struck a chord in me. And it's helping! I have pared down the enormous amount of clothes I had in my closet, am procrastinating less and so many other things. Now I can put a name to some of the STUFF in my brain that I thought I was the only one dealing with for all these years...It makes so much sense to me. My one regret: I didn't have it for my kids when they were young. But I do now! It was a great seminar.

Beth Brown

Marydee and Her Material Were the Real Deal

Marydee was so amazing to listen to. Not only can I relate as a parent, but as a championship procrastinator myself. I was lucky enough to win her book, and it is already speaking to me. I’ve been to a lot of surface presentations with surface presenters. She, and her material were the real deal. I look forward to putting into practice her knowledge and tips in all aspects of my life. Thank you!!!

Autumn Schreiber
School Psycologist, The Hello Foundation

Engaging, Relevant and Research-Based

I have attended Marydee's trainings three times over the past 10 years, and each time I come away with a new tool in my toolkit. Her presentations are engaging, relevant, and based on research. Marydee is an expert on time management - I've found myself using her strategies in both my professional and personal life. As a professional development coordinator for my company, I've gotten nothing but positive feedback from our employees on her presentation style and content. We are lucky to have such a valuable resource in our community.

Gina Ossanna
Speech Language Pathologist, The Hello Foundation

The Kids Were Listening Intently!

During the Tips to Help Students Succeed presentation, I saw several kids sitting near me. They looked like they were "dragged in by mom and dad." After she started, they leaned forward and listened intently. The teacher in me smiled. She certainly had something for everyone. Even the kids there felt validated. Now, that's a good teacher!

Jane Ray

Management Staff is Buzzing!

On behalf of Lexington and Transitions I would like to extend a heartfelt "thank you" for your wonderful workshop. You presented excellent information to our families, local school personnel and management staff that they will surely use regularly to enrich and organize their lives! We received so many positive comments on our evaluations for your session. I know our management staff is all "buzzing" about tips they will use in their own lives as well as teach to new staff or people with disabilities to help them be more successful in their lives too. Thank you Marydee!

Nancy DeSanto
Director of Innovations and Community Supports, Transitions of Lexington

The best training I've attended in 20 years

Marydee's training has revolutionized my approach to teaching and opened a new door of compassion for how the adolescent brain operates. Her Introduction to Building Executive Function Skills in the Classroom presentation is the BEST academic training I've attended in my 20 years in the field of teaching. I left the presentation with concrete tools to help students build executive functioning skills. These tools are easy to implement and really do work!

Julie Hancock
Classroom teacher, Hillsboro School District

Books and Materials from Executive Functioning Success

Finally a book of tips that is actually full of tips. My favorite so far, using an analog clock or watch. THANK you so much for that one

Amazon Review

Incredibly Clear & Effective

This instructor's manual from MaryDee Sklar provides an incredibly clear and effective way to coach executive function skills. Using the book feels as though you have a highly effective, brilliant, and very kind professor at your shoulder, giving you the benefit of her many years of wisdom about how to develop executive functioning skills.

Seeing My Time® Instructor's Manual

A Real Gem

Every now and again I come across a gem that I wish I had found earlier. This book is one such gem. I found these 50 Tips to be helpful for myself as well as for helping my teens. My daughter even read the book herself and began to implement some of the tips. This is a must have book for parents of all ages whether you private school, home school or use the public school system.

Tess Hamre
50 Tips to Help Students Succeed Book Review

No Fluff Here!

The tips in this book are actually not fluffy filler. They are satisfy my need for what to do AND why, but briefly. Plus rather than going on and on about a topic, the author offers references for further investigation.

Michael Drummond
50 Tips to Help Students Succeed
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