Seeing My Time® Adult Planner System

The Seeing My Time® planner is a brand new system designed by award-winning designer and executive function expert, Marydee Sklar.

Marydee’s design redefines the idea of a paper calendar. The easy-tear day, week and task pads allow you to keep track what you need to do. Clear vinyl pages let you slip your plans into the very front of your calendar to keep them in sight and in mind. The planner system also comes with a free online mini-course on how to use it most effectively.

We produce this planner twice a year, with two versions: from August to August (academic) and January to January (yearly). The next printing of this planner is for August 2019 – August 2020. Preorders are being accepted now, and planners will ship in early June of 2019.

You may choose to purchase the entire planner system (includes a year’s supply of time forms), or the planner as a stand alone product (includes pages of the time forms for you to reproduce yourself).

For more information on what you receive with each option, scroll down past the planner features section.

The Seeing My Time® planner system will give you the tools you need to accomplish your goals, get things done, plan your future, and plan for fun!

The planner features:

  • 13-month (2 page spread per month) calendar with sidebar for tasks or notes
  • Two yearly planning calendars, for 2019 and 2020
  • Five easy-tear pads with enough double-sided forms to last the whole year
  • Two clear vinyl slash pockets in the front to keep your day and week planning pages in sight, one vinyl slash pocket in the back for transporting papers to and from home
  • Two pages of visual instructions on how to use this planner effectively
  • Monthly tips and inspiration from the Seeing My Time® program
  • Space for recording annual goals, tracking specific projects and goals, and notes
  • Final page provides a place to record dates to transfer to your next calendar and goals for the next year
  • Lightweight and easy to carry, the planner slips quickly into a purse or bag
  • Access to an online mini-course with detailed instruction videos on how to leverage the planner. Includes specific, practical tools and strategies for tracking your time and planning your life


Seeing My Time® Adult Planner System


Seeing My Time® Adult Planner Only


Seeing My Time Spiral Bound 13-Month Planner

executive functioning
executive functioning

1 Year's Worth of Day, Week and planning time forms

(5 tear off pads)* 

executive functioning

Mini-Course on how to use the planner

executive functioning
executive functioning

Reproducible Pages of Time Forms

executive functioning
executive functioning

* If you purchase the planner without the pads, and later decide you want them, you can order the pads separately, here

What People Are Saying About the Seeing My Time Adult Planner System

I've Tried a Million Planners - None Worked Until Now

"At almost 64, with ADHD, I've tried a few (million) planners. None worked until now. I am amazed! I think it works because it's multi-sensory. Using traditional pen and pencil reinforces the brain's ability to access and retain information. At first I thought I was going backwards technologically, but electronic devices tax my brain and overload my ability to process data from line to line. Because of my short term memory deficits, I lose my place when tasks require multiple steps. Pen and paper may be "old school", but it's much less anxiety-producing and doesn't break down. I recommend this for all tactile learners or non techno geeks. It just feels good."

Debbie Z.

I Couldn't Live Without It!

"I've always found it difficult to commit to a planner, and would end up using multiple systems that didn't really serve me. I realize now that I was missing key information about how to get the most out of my planning sessions. Marydee's mini-course gave me the tools I needed to actually use this planner successfully, and to plan for the life I want. I have just completed my first full year EVER of using only one system, and I have already ordered my 2019 planner - I couldn't live without it!

Ronnie B.

This is the Best Planner I have Ever Used

Thank you so much for creating the Seeing My Time planner. I absolutely love it. I buy planners every year, but this is by far the most useful one that I have ever used. I find it to be an essential tool in accomplishing my goals--both small and large--and at the same time, better enjoying my down time knowing that everything I need to get done has been captured. Thanks for creating such a thoughtfully designed product.



If you are ordering internationally, please be aware that your country may charge a standard “duty” fee to receive your planner. It is your responsibility to pick your planner up on time and pay the duty. If you do not, your post office may send it back to us. If this occurs, we will gladly refund you the cost of the planner, but we cannot refund the initial shipping costs. It is up to you to determine whether this duty will be applied in your country.

RETURN POLICY: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply send it back within 14 days and we’ll refund the full cost of the item minus shipping costs. The planner must be in perfect condition to receive a refund.