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Teach the Seeing My Time® Program and Help Your Struggling Clients and Students

Learn how to teach the Seeing My Time program and help children, adolescents and adults build and maintain the important executive function skills of time-management, planning and organization. The Seeing My Time program will teach your clients or students to:

  • Understand their executive functions
  • Take ownership of their choices and behavior
  • Choose external tools that support their brain
  • Build and maintain the executive function skills of time management, planning and organization

Why Take This Course?

Educators, Therapists and Coaches:
 Use a carefully designed curriculum to expand your expertise and offerings for the EF skills of time management, organization and planning.

Use Seeing My Time to teach your family to develop executive skills.

Next Course Starts:
September 16, 2024 

Class Dates:
September 16 - November 17, 2024
Class offered quarterly

Includes Two Live Session Dates on Zoom:
Thursday October 10, 9am-10am Pacific Time
Thursday November 7, 9am-10am Pacific Time

(Live sessions are not required. They are recorded so you can watch after if you are unavailable on the above dates.)

Cost: $495 *  

*Price does not include books. 

All participants may earn a certificate of completion with which they can apply for professional development credit.

Required Books: 
The Seeing My Time Workbook and the Seeing My Time Instructor's Manual are required for this course.
You will need one workbook per practice client and one for yourself (at least two).
View a Sample Chapter of the Seeing My Time Instructor's Manual

About The Course

  • Online, interactive classroom: Nine weeks of instruction videos, combining in-depth teaching with group discussion and problem solving. You set the pace of learning. 
  • Taught by Marydee Sklar, award-winning time management educator and creator of the Seeing My Time program.
  • Two live Q&A Sessions with Marydee Sklar & Julie Miller via Zoom Webinar.
  • Practicum: Ten 60-minute sessions with a practice client of your choosing.
  • Walk away with a certificate of completion and the confidence to teach this course to your clients or students.
  • Course is research-supported.

How the Seeing My Time Course Works

You will learn how to introduce your clients or students to the brain’s executive functions and explain why some brains struggle with certain tasks

Next, you will help them to develop a visual and concrete understanding of time, which begins the process of creating long-term behavior change

They will complete the program with a myriad of time-management tools targeted to support specific executive function challenges

Invaluable Information for my Coaching Practice

This course was absolutely fantastic! I have already had over 300 hours of ADHD coach training and I still learned so much from this course. The information was invaluable for myself and for my coaching practice.

Michael Snyder ADHD/Life Coach

This course is appropriate for:

  • Psychologists, educational therapists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, behavioral therapists, ADHD / life coaches or other professionals helping those with executive function deficits. 
  • Educators wanting to use the Seeing My Time curriculum in their middle school through college level programs.*   Although the Seeing My Time curriculum was originally designed for ages 11 through adult, many education professionals have adapted the material to support lower elementary grades.

    *Teachers, school counselors, and learning specialists are also encouraged to take our Building Executive Functioning Skills in the Classroom Course.

How the Teaching Seeing My Time Program works

Online Instruction

Learn to teach the Seeing My Time course at your own pace with instructional videos released weekly into our online classroom. 


Work simultaneously with your practice student outside of class using the Seeing My Time materials. 

Connect and Reflect

Post your reflections and experiences, share insights with classmates. Ask questions of  Marydee at the two live webinar sessions.

This Course Helps Students Understand Their Struggles

The approach outlined in this course will be immensely valuable for my Educational Therapy students - so many individuals who struggle with executive functioning skills don't just need strategies and tools, they need an understanding of WHY they're struggling and WHY a certain approach will help address their needs. This course covers it all! Not only does it normalize their experience, removing any association they may have made with their self-worth, but it increases motivation to implement tangible action steps, and increases inspiration around what's possible for them and their life.

Camille Buchanan Educational Therapist

How to Register:

  1. Register and pay for the course using the 'Register' button at the top of this page. It will save you some time if you order your books concurrently with the course. 
  2. You will receive an email after your purchase with information about how to join our online classroom, and how to order your booksIf you don't see this email right away, please check your spam or promotions folder. 
  3. NOTE: Please order books at least 7 days before the start of class if you are outside the Portland, OR area.

Now I have a Comprehensive Approach

The Seeing My Time course is excellent and will bring value to my private practice. I've studied Executive Functioning over the years, but until taking this course and using these materials did not have a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to offer. This program, and this course, provides that. I highly recommend it for anyone who works with children, young adults, and even working parents.

Christy Byrne Yates M.S., Licensed Educational Psychologist


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do you accept Purchase Orders from school districts and public entities?

How do I access the online classroom?

How long will the recordings and online classroom be available?

How many hours of professional development credit are available? 

So Many Choices for Different Learning Styles

When teaching Marydee's course, I told my students that this class is not a one size fits all, it's many sizes to fit one. Having many choices to reach the individual learning styles is extremely helpful! I still use many of the skillsets learned from Marydee in the EFS class. I truly believe this is what has helped me accomplish the development of my second business, Trisensory Software, LLC. Taking the Seeing My Time class provided me with the skills I desperately needed in order to make the changes happen. When the going got tough, which was often, I kept reminding myself "Little by little, Change Happens." Then I would buckle down and get just another task accomplished, and feel good about it. Thank you again for creating and supporting the Seeing My Time Program!

Cindy Deagen Certified Barton Tutor
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