Set Up Success™ Student Planner

The Set Up Success™ Student Planner is a unique new system created by Marydee Sklar, executive function expert and speaker. It has been specifically designed to build the key executive function skills of time-management, planning and organization.

Adaptable to home and classroom learning, this academic calendar was designed to support the habits of daily planning and future thinking to get assignments and multi-step projects done on time. It makes the abstract concept of time visible, supporting kids at school and home.

The Set Up Success™ Student Planner is designed to be USED and USEFUL as it develops key executive function and brain skills necessary for success at school and in life - for all students. This planner will be particularly helpful for any student needing organizational support, particularly those who struggle with ADHD, EFD and other LDs.

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The Set Up Success™ Student Planner will:

  • Function as a support system to get papers to and from school
  • Provide structure for planning and prioritizing day-to-day activities, chores, homework and fun activities
  • Support future thinking and planning for larger projects and assignments with multiple steps
  • Allow your student to take control of their own schedule and teach them to plan independently

This Planner Features:

  • 13-month calendar from August 2020 - August 2021
  • Each month is a two page spread with large boxes for planning ahead
  • Two-page year calendar spread for seeing the "big picture"
  • Two clear, vinyl slash pockets in the front to transport assignments to and from school and home
  • Day / Week pad with tear-off sheets to develop the habit of daily planning and support working memory and columns to record homework for six classes
  • A clear vinyl back pocket for storing week sheets.
  • Project page where students can visually plan the steps needed to complete a project and add them to their calendar
  • Four sheets to record students' ongoing quarterly school and extracurricular schedule
  • Six pages in the back for notes
  • Two pages of visual instructions on how to use the planner
  • Video support for parents, teachers and students showing how to best use the planner
  • Brightly colored and easy to find
  • Flat enough to stay on a desktop while students are working
  • Lightweight and easy to carry and slip in and out of a backpack.
Bulk Discounts are Available! Use the Following Codes to Order:

10 - 30: 10% off = $19.75 per planner | code: 10_offPlanners
31 – 99: 15% off = $18.65 per planner| code: 15_offPlanners
100 - 199: 20% off = $17.56 per planner | code: 20_offPlanners
200 or more: 25% off = $16.46 per planner | code: 25_offPlanners

What People are Saying About the Set Up Success Student Planner

I just wanted to let you know that all last year I tried to get my daughter to use a planner, and she refused. She said that they don’t work for her. I purchased 6 of your planners as I knew that I would be getting a few students to work with on Seeing my Time this Fall. I was also hoping that my daughter would use one. She looked at it, watched the video, and is excited to try using it this school year!! She even decorated the front and back, and has already highlighted all of the school holidays! I am so excited!! Thank you for creating such an awesome tool! I have also sold all of the other planners, and will probably have to order more!

Cheryl Keller Learning Disability Specialist, British Columbia, Canada

This Planner is Like My Best Friend

Before using my Set up Success planner I had a tremendous issue with organizing my time and writing all my assignments down. My previous school-issued planners were a big struggle, considering they were tiny, cramped with important dates and events for school, and I could only see one week of homework on 2 pages. Now I am able to see a whole month span of homework, keep better track of my homework as well as extracurricular activities, and organize all my papers that I receive each day. Overall, my planner makes me feel like I CAN get through the school year. I really appreciate the little notes of advice for each month and the Daily To Do Page to organize everything I have going on each week. Thank you Marydee for an amazing and extremely helpful tool to help me through the school year! I’ll always remember that my planner is like my best friend!

Katya K 10th grade, Jesuit High School, Portland, OR

Kim C.

The student planners were lifesavers for my students and they absolutely loved them. I continue to use and share the tools and strategies I have learned from the various classes I have taken from Marydee. These classes changed my life and how I view my students!

Kim C. ElA Teacher, Costa Rica

Lowers My Stress

I love it. It is easy to use. Having a plan lowers my homework stress.

Owen T High School Junior, Portland, OR

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