Seeing My Time® Adult Planner and Mini-Course


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The Seeing My Time® planner is a brand new system designed by award-winning designer and executive function expert, Marydee Sklar. Marydee’s design redefines the idea of a paper calendar. The easy-tear day, week and task pads allow you to keep track what you need to do. Clear vinyl pages let you slip your plans into the very front of your calendar to keep them in sight and in mind. The planner system also comes with a free online mini-course on how to use it most effectively.

The new Seeing My Time® planner system will give you the tools you need to accomplish your goals, get things done, plan your future, and plan for fun!

The planner features:

  • 12-month calendar beginning January 2018 with sidebar for tasks or notes
  • Two-page yearly planning calendars for 2018 and 2019
  • Five easy-tear pads with enough double-sided forms to last the whole year for planning your day and your week
  • Two clear vinyl slash pockets in the front to keep your day and week planning pages in sight
  • One vinyl slash pocket in the back to transport papers to and from home
  • Two pages of visual instructions on how to maximize using this planner to focus on your year, your week and your day.
  • Monthly tips and inspiration from the Seeing My Time® program
  • Page for recording annual goals
  • Three pages to record and track specific projects and goals
  • Six pages in the back for notes
  • Final page provides a place to record dates that need to be transferred to your next calendar and goals for the next year
  • Access to a free mini-course on how to use the planner and how Marydee uses it to best maximize her time
  • Opt-in to receive monthly accountability reminders right to your email to help you stay on track
  • Lightweight and easy to carry, slips quickly into a purse or bag

The Mini Course Includes:

How to Use the Seeing My Time® Planner

  • Step One – How to Plan for Your Year
  • Step Two – How to Plan Your Week and Create Life Balance
  • Step Three – How to Set Up Your Planner for Success

Time Management Tips for Your Planner

  • Don’t Skip Planning Your Week – How to Create the Time You Need to Plan
  • Planning Your Day – Tips, Tricks and strategies for using this planner
  • How to Customize Your Planner and Make it Work for You

Create Support to USE Your Planner

  • The Power of Community
  • How We Can Help You Stay on Tracks

*Image props including post-its, pens and flags not included

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