Courses for Professionals and Educators

The following is a list of all courses available from Executive Functioning Success for professionals and educators.

Teaching Seeing My Time

Learn to teach the Seeing My Time program directly from Marydee Sklar. This 9-week, self-paced class features weekly online instructional videos from Marydee, two optional live Q&A sessions and an online classroom that allows for dialogue among students. This course is also available for graduate level credit. Certificate provided upon completion for professional development hours. 

To do list with ways to manage time for kids, timer, watch and school folders

This class is designed to help teachers and other educators support students by incorporating curriculum to develop the skills of time management, planning and organization. This is an online, self-paced, fully recorded class and includes two optional live Q&A sessions with Marydee and Kathleen. 

Marydee Sklar teaching Executive Function Skills

Help educators and parents support their executive function challenged students with tips, strategies and concrete understanding. Marydee Sklar offers a variety of presentation topics to schools and parent groups around the country. 
Online only until further notice.

Seeing My Time group course

This 2-hour, prerecorded webinar will teach you to plan, promote and teach the Seeing My Time course to groups of families, students or adults. Prerequisite: Teaching Seeing My Time.

Two kids looking at a planner that supports their executive functions and laughing

This online training includes a 60-minute video and access to our prepared slideshow providing basic information on executive functioning and the brain. Designed for parent presentations. Prerequisite: Teaching Seeing My Time.