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The Power of Paper for Your Future | An ADHD Palooza!

The longer I work in the arena of executive functions, the more I value one specific skill: planning and prioritization or “future thinking.” While some executive function skills are hardwired

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How to Stop Getting Lost in Perfectionism

I had never thought about the link between executive functions and perfectionism until I watched a client – a medical professional, circle around and around and around her desire to craft beautiful

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The Messy Desk

I can readily see the tempo of my life every morning when I sit down at my desk. If, like this morning, it is pretty messy, it means I have been pretty busy.  I always have got to get a grip on these

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Executive Functioning Tip #10: Filing Papers so You can Find Them | Time Management Planning

For me, paper organization was the last skill I mastered as I got control of my executive functioning deficits. I found my inspiration in David Allen’s Getting Things Done.  His best advice: file alphabetically

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