About Marydee Sklar

I have personally experienced the struggles of having a brain that lacks critical executive functioning skills.

I am an educator with a brain that lacks an internal sense of time. For over forty years I struggled with time-management issues. This was long before the phrase “executive functioning deficits” was coined to describe people who are disorganized, chronically late, unable to reach goals, miss deadlines, and struggle with getting things done. I read all of the best-selling books on time-management, but nothing helped.

I discovered solutions.

Fortunately, a professor challenged me to use my brain’s strengths to overcome my challenges with time. Once I’d figured out how to Marydee Sklar of Executive Functioning Successmanage my own issues, I knew through my work as a learning specialist that there were many children and adults experiencing the same stresses and frustrations that I once had.

I know how to teach solutions so that you can learn.

I never set out to specialize in time management and executive functions. However, my intimate understanding of the issues, coupled with my skills as an educator, has put me in a unique position. I completely understand executive functioning deficits from the inside. As an educator, I know how to teach people to overcome their own problems in an effective manner. Combining my insights and understanding of the learning process enabled me to create the Seeing My Time Program®.

Learn to handle the time-management challenges created by the brain.

I created the Seeing My Time Program®  and workbook to help struggling individuals and families gain executive functioning skills. It has become my mission to educate and support individuals so that they have the tools to manage their time consciously and successfully. I am so proud of the dedicated and talented professionals from around the country, and the world, who have joined me in this mission.

Understanding your brain and time will enable you to reach goals and experience success!

I know it can be done.

Executive Functioning Success Mission Statement

Our mission is to end the pain and failure caused by poor time management and to maximize individual productivity for a satisfying life. Our founder, Marydee Sklar, spent twenty years developing the Seeing My Time Program®, an innovated approach to building the executive function skills of time management, planning and organization. Executive Functioning Success offers books and training on the Seeing My Time Program® for therapists and educators, as well as direct services to families and individuals around the world who suffer from executive function challenges. We also offer educational presentations and a parent book, 50 Tips to Help Your Student Succeed, to help translate the best of EF research into concrete strategies for students and parents.

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