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Two Key Tips to Support Your Executive Functions in 2023

I have probably said this before, but I will say it again: Your choice of words, both spoken and written, have a powerful effect on your executive functioning. This is especially true when it comes to

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My #1 Tip To Support Your Brain During the Holidays

Wow! How is it already December?? The end of the year is time to double down on supporting your brain’s executive functioning skills. The holiday season puts a lot of stress on folks, and it is so easy

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EFS News: Retreat Time for Thinking and Dreaming

Oh summer! I just returned from an EFS retreat at the beautiful Oregon Coast with my administrative team, Kathleen and Veronica. This was our first reunion since we were all fully vaccinated, so the first

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Tips for Creating Smooth Transitions When You Struggle with Executive Functions

Do you feel out of sync returning home after a recent vacation? Or perhaps dreading the end of summer as you face heading back to school and work? Transition times like these are hard on our executive

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Executive Functioning Tip #2: Plan to Carry a Planner; Paper vs. Technology

(Tip #2 of the series 15 Tips to Support Your Brain for Good Time Management) Let’s talk about the executive functioning challenges of using computers and smart phones as effective time management

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