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How I Tame the Bully in the Brain

People come to see me primarily for help with time management. However, I always forewarn them that for the first couple of hours of Seeing My Time, we don’t even talk about getting things done.

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Three Ways to Improve Time Management

Are other people taking over all of your free time? That was a common theme of adults in my recent group classes. Coworkers, aging parents, children—all can take over your time. How do you claim time

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Keeping Track of Your Behavior to Reach Goals

An underlying theme of Seeing What I Need to Do (The Sklar Process™) is the value, the importance, of setting goals. By setting goals you maximize your productivity and your potential to live life fully.

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A Hard Week—When Life Throws You Curves

Recently I had one of those weeks when one thing after another came along, disrupting my best laid plans for time management. It started at 6:30 AM on Sunday when my son’s cat needed to go to the vet.

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A Workshop for Women—Girl, Get a Grip!

Women have a lot on their plates and, as we age, demands on time management only increase. It is easy to be stretched thin between work, family, friends, and community. Personal goals and self-care are

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