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‘Tis the Season to…Pause

Here’s a known yet under recognized fact: the holiday season puts a major strain on the brain’s executive functioning. Our schedules get packed with holiday events. There may be travel plans to

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A Little Known Secret about Teaching Executive Functions

I see a lot of parents who seek help for their children’s executive function challenges. To be perfectly honest, sometimes I am more concerned about the parents than I am about the child. Let me explain. Some

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Celebrating Our Executive Functions

Executive Functioning Success in its 8th year, and if I have learned anything, it is that running a business requires a LOT of strong executive function skills! Last week during our staff meeting, where

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Special Announcement! Join Our New Executive Function Challenge, Seeing My Time in Action

I’d like to ask a quick question. Can you name some nagging thing that you want or need to get done but you just can’t start it? I think the real question is who can’t name such a task? For

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Winter Courses Are Open!

Have you been interested in taking a course from us in the past? Winter is a great time to do this. Our professional courses are hosted online, and our family group course is held in Portland, Oregon.

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Get Going!

Unlike me, my mother did not have challenges with executive functions. She was not one to sit around and procrastinate.  As the new year has arrived, I can hear her saying: “It’s time to get going!” I

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