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Overcommitting Your Time? Here’s How to Change

Fall is a time of new beginnings. So many opportunities present themselves in this season! This can feel very exciting and stimulating. After a lovely vacation and time off, we’re tempted to load

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Three Activities to Ease into Fall Executive Functioning 

Bringing up the “end of summer” topic can feel pretty unwelcome. Who wants to leave behind days of summer adventures and chilling out? Not me! But we all know that the transition is sneaking

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Time to Give your Executive Functions a Break

Ahh… summer! ‘Tis the season to power down some of that intense executive functioning required for work and school. The other day one of my hardworking, driven professionals, who is taking Private

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My #1 Tip To Support Your Brain During the Holidays

Wow! How is it already December?? The end of the year is time to double down on supporting your brain’s executive functioning skills. The holiday season puts a lot of stress on folks, and it is so easy

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Last Minute Planning Still Counts! A Wedding Story

I don’t know about you, but if 2020 was the slowest, longest year ever, the summer of 2021 has been the fastest, shortest summer ever! Even though there has been vacation time, so much has required extra

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EFS News: Retreat Time for Thinking and Dreaming

Oh summer! I just returned from an EFS retreat at the beautiful Oregon Coast with my administrative team, Kathleen and Veronica. This was our first reunion since we were all fully vaccinated, so the first

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