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6 Executive Functioning Tips for a Successful Summer

Ahh, summer…Time to loosen up on executive functions and enjoy life, right? The problem is, when we loosen up TOO much, we let our time slip away. The end result is that we feel out of control and struggle

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Two Key Tips to Support Your Executive Functions in 2023

I have probably said this before, but I will say it again: Your choice of words, both spoken and written, have a powerful effect on your executive functioning. This is especially true when it comes to

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Three Activities to Ease into Fall Executive Functioning 

Bringing up the “end of summer” topic can feel pretty unwelcome. Who wants to leave behind days of summer adventures and chilling out? Not me! But we all know that the transition is sneaking

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Reaching Your Personal Summit

Typically people reach out to me because of specific executive function challenges connected to time management and planning. Those skills are just two pieces in a constellation of executive functions

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The Difference Between a Dream and a Plan

Those who struggle to create and execute planning (also known as future thinking) often have executive function deficits. Everyone has dreams, but without the ability to see, plan and actualize the required

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