Teaching Seeing My Time During COVID-19 Challenges: Webinar for Teaching Seeing My Time Graduates

As we all shift gears to take our client and student work online during the pandemic, we have received requests for additional support in teaching the Seeing My Time program. 

In response, Marydee Sklar and Annika Ahlstrom decided to put together a short webinar to answer questions and help Teaching Seeing My Time graduates to navigate through this new territory. 

We have also put together a simple invitation for your less tech-savvy clients or students, which shows them how to test their mic and speakers and download the Zoom plugin. You can access that here. You are welcome to copy / paste that language into your own emails. 

Here is the webinar recording, for those who missed:

Bonus Content!  Ruth Bomar is a graduate of Teaching Seeing My Time and a has a practice coaching college students. She has graciously consented to sharing two useful videos with us.  You can learn more about Ruth and her YouTube support blogs at ruth@ruthbomar.com

  1. In this 12-minute video, Why is online learning so hard during COVID? Ruth share's the challenges she saw from meeting with her students online for academic coaching during the first week of online learning. 
  2. In this 11-minute video, How to organize for online learning, Ruth explains the framework she us using to teach her students to get organized for online coursework and finish the semester strong!

We encourage you all to take time to rest, recharge and take care of your OWN executive functions in order to best support yourself and your clients. Please reach out to us if you have questions or need further support!

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