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12 Executive Functions of the Brain Spotlight: #7: Sustained Attention

Sustained attention, or the ability to stay focused on a task, is an executive function that people seem to, well… focus on! Adult clients tell me that they need to improve their focus at work. Teachers

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12 Executive Functions of the Brain Spotlight: #5 Task Initiation

Over the last couple of months of this 12-part Executive Function Spotlight Series, I’ve focused on planning and prioritization, key executive functions underlying the capacity for future thinking,

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How to Support Your Executive Functions During a Big Life Transition

Often people are divided into two categories when it comes to executive function skills: You either have them or you don’t. From my perspective that is an oversimplification because there are certain

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The Secret to Overcoming Decision Fatigue

Activating the executive functioning system of the brain requires constant effort and energy. Why? Because we have to actively make choices throughout the day to prioritize tasks, sustain attention, manage

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