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How Executive Functioning Changes the Trajectory of Life

When I got into this world of teaching executive functioning skills (way back before the term even existed), I thought I would spend my time helping bright 6th graders who were struggling with the transition

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An Unspoken Source of Executive Dysfunction: Grief and Loss

My personal definition for executive functioning is “purposeful action.” I’ll explain. We need our brain’s executive function skills in order to accomplish anything. As a result, many internal

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Inspiration from a Ninth Grader

During a recent Seeing My Time Family Group Course session, it was pretty cool to hear a ninth grader say that he found it “inspirational” when students and parents shared their personal improvements

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Seven Tips to Reduce Anxiety in Kids

When I first created the Seeing My Time program, I was essentially teaching executive function skills, though that term didn’t really exist in the general world at the time. At first, students came

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