Developing Executive Functioning in Babies

Developing Executive Functioning in Babies

As I read Brain Rules for Babies, by John Medina, I kept sighing, wishing such a book had existed when I was a new mother. Here are the clues for developing executive functioning as you parent. This is a parenting book from the perspective of brain development. It’s a book written with refreshing humor, honesty and compassion for the challenges of being a parent and a spouse.

As the book jacket attests, I learned the following:

  • Where nature and nurture begins
  • Why you don’t need to buy “brain boosting” baby toys
  • Why men should do more household chores
  • What to say to your child when emotions run high
  • The effect of TV on children under 2
  • Why praising effort is better than praising intelligence
  • One of the best predictors of academic performance is not IQ; it self-control (executive functioning)

While the subtitle is “How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five,” I would recommend reading this book even if your children are grown, and I would definitely give it to any couple just starting their family. It would be a gift to positively change lives.

About the Author Marydee Sklar

Marydee Sklar is the president of Executive Functioning Success and the creator of the Seeing My Time Program®. She is an educator and author of three books on executive functions, as well as a trainer and speaker. Marydee has more than twenty-five years of experience working with students and adults with executive function challenges.

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