50 Tips to Help Students Succeed

50 Tips to Help Students Succeed: Develop Your Student’s Time Management and Executive Skills for Life draws upon author Marydee Sklar’s years of experience working with struggling teens and their families.

This book provides concrete strategies in a quick, approachable format to help parents help their students succeed in school and life with a minimum of stress and conflict.

Written with compassion, Marydee’s tips will enable the whole family to calm down and get work done. It is designed to bring relief to anxious and frustrated parents concerned about the school success of their child or teen.

Parenting solutions for day-to-day challenges to:

  • Overcome resistance to starting homework and projects
  • Let go of micromanaging your child’s use of time
  • Ensure assignments are transported safely to and from school
  • check
    Manage time spent on smartphones and video games
  • check
    Forget nagging about chores and homework
Marydee Sklar of Executive Functioning Success

About the Author

As an educator, Marydee Sklar has helped families struggling with time management for over twenty years. She is the author of the Seeing My Time curriculum, books and planners. Marydee lives in Portland, Oregon. When not teaching, training, consulting, or writing, she enjoys cooking for friends and family.

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