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time management help for employees in portland

Do you have staff members who struggle with the executive functions of time management, planning and organization? If so, they may be dealing with the following issues:

  • Missing deadlines and important work
  • Feeling stressed, tired or overwhelmed 
  • Projects and reports getting put off until the last minute
  • Inconsistent or lost email and phone communication 
  • Messy desks, bags and paper piles
  • Internal office conflicts due to emotional or impulse control

Marydee's Presentations Will Help Your Staff to:

  • Develop their understanding of executive functions and how they affect behavior and success in the workplace
  • Evaluate executive functioning strengths and weaknesses
  • Analyze which brain functions are required to be more productive and organized
  • Learn exercises to calm the brain under stress
  • Choose specific, concrete strategies and tools to support personal time management, both at work and home

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About Marydee Sklar

As a time-management educator, Marydee Sklar has helped families and individuals overcome struggles with time management for over 25 years. She teaches workshops on executive functions for professional and school communities. She is the creator of the Seeing My Time® Course, and is the Amazon best-selling author of Seeing My Time™ books and 50 Tips to Help Students Succeed. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

Marydee Sklar, Executive Functioning Success


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What technology is required for the online presentation?

Is there a limit to how many people can attend?

What technology is required for the in-person presentation?

Do you provide additional support for staff who would like to procure ongoing professional development training?

What People Are Saying:

Engaging, Relevant and Research-Based

I have attended Marydee's trainings three times over the past 10 years, and each time I come away with a new tool in my toolkit. Her presentations are engaging, relevant, and based on research. Marydee is an expert on time management - I've found myself using her strategies in both my professional and personal life. As a professional development coordinator for my company, I've gotten nothing but positive feedback from our employees on her presentation style and content. We are lucky to have such a valuable resource in our community.

Gina Ossanna Speech Language Pathologist, The Hello Foundation

Management Staff is Buzzing!

On behalf of Lexington and Transitions I would like to extend a heartfelt "thank you" for your wonderful workshop. You presented excellent information to our families, local school personnel and management staff that they will surely use regularly to enrich and organize their lives! We received so many positive comments on our evaluations for your session. I know our management staff is all "buzzing" about tips they will use in their own lives as well as teach to new staff or people with disabilities to help them be more successful in their lives too. Thank you Marydee!

Nancy DeSanto Director of Innovations and Community Supports, Transitions of Lexington

Not One Doodle

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for spending the day with us. I am generally a "meeting doodler". I was so interested in your workshop that there is not one doodle in the margins. I can't remember that ever happening before.

Mary Clinic Director, Article 16 Clinic
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