Building Executive Function Skills in the Classroom

Marydee WhiteboardAre you frustrated with the challenge of helping students with Executive Functioning (EF) deficits and ADHD? In this online, interactive course, we will focus on understanding the brain to help you develop your students’ executive function skills, particularly those of time management, planning and organization.

As a part of the online discussion and assignments, you will analyze how your student’s levels of mastery are impacted by varying EF abilities and apply strategies to improve their academic success.

Course content will include:

  • Current perspectives on brain development and EF skills as they relate to successful classroom behaviors
  • Visual instruction models to teach key concepts that are the foundation for developing and improving executive functions
  • Hands-on activities with downloadable forms to use with your students to develop their metacognition, time-management and planning
  • A simple and effective binder system for your student’s paper management organization
  • Practical information about the brain that will improve your effectiveness as a teacher
  • Tips and strategies to improve your own time-management, planning and organization skills.

This course is designed to accommodate teachers’ busy schedules, allowing you to set the pace of course work over a 10-week term. This course is ideal for teachers and educators working in a 3rd-12th grade classroom environment, and is available for three graduate level credits from Portland State University.

Participants in this course will receive 10% off on all Seeing My Time books purchased during the course term. However, no Seeing My Time books are required to participate in this course.

If you are a speech pathologist, therapist or coach, you may also be interested in our Online Professional Training Course.

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