Build Executive Function Skills Over the Summer

Marydee Sklar

Building Executive Functions Over the Summer

In this free webinar, Marydee Sklar shares tips to help you and your family set up a summer that includes fun as well as goal accomplishment. She shows your family how to  use executive function strategies and tools to have the summer you want with positive family communication and events to remember with joy!  

This webinar includes

  • Tools to keep the executive function skill of future thinking alive in the summer
  • How to run a family meeting to discuss summer plans
  • Specific tips for how to design your family's summer calendar
  • Help kids set the stage for the next school year by planning the steps for a goal
  • How to use a white board for family communication

The Set Up Success 2019 - 2020 Student Planner and instruction video is now available to order! You can select between a middle / high school age planner or a college level planner. Supplies are limited. We also have planners for adults!

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