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Learn to Teach Seeing My Time to Groups

2 Hour Pre-Recorded Webinar

Professionally led group courses provide a powerful, cost-effective way to make the Seeing My Time program available to clients or students who are challenged by executive function deficits. 

Do you have clients who:

  • Cannot afford private sessions?
  • Have requested a group course setting?
  • Want to benefit from other members of their community experiencing executive functioning challenges?

About the Webinar

  • Two hour pre-recorded webinar
  • Learn to effectively plan, promote and teach the Seeing My Time course to groups of families, students or adults
  • Marydee will discuss methods to adapt pacing, teaching style and course exercises to meet client needs
  • Additional handouts and resources, as well as information about The Brain and School Success slideshow provided

Cost: $80

This webinar is appropriate for:

  • Psychologists, educational therapists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, behavioral therapists, ADHD / life coaches or other professionals interested in teaching the Seeing My Time course to groups.
  • Teachers and other educators wanting to teach the Seeing My Time course to groups of students or staff.
  • Mandatory Prerequisite: you must be a graduate of the Teaching Seeing My Time: Professional Training Course

How to Purchase the Webinar:

  1. Purchase the webinar using the 'Purchase Teaching SMT to Groups' button below.
  2. The webinar, handouts and other resources are all accessible through our password-protected hosting page. You will receive your username and password within 24 hours of purchasing this product. 

NOTE: The Teaching Seeing My Time Professional Training Course is a mandatory prerequisite to this webinar training.

Seeing My Time® Family Group Course

My daughter and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks for offering the Seeing My Time course. It was everything I had hoped for her. The course has created a deeper awareness of time and given us great tools to implement. It is a challenge for her to deal with the demands of school, which are all so time-bound.

The course is so well designed, was inspiring, practical and content-rich. She will benefit greatly as she moves forward with her education using all the new tools and techniques she learned.

I didn't realize in the beginning how much I also needed the course even though I was in it to help support my daughter. I got so much out of it and learned a lot. We so enjoyed connecting with you and your engaging style. Thanks again!

Jessica Seeing My Time Family Group Course


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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Is there any promotional material available to market the Seeing My Time Group Course?

Do I need prior training to be able to teach the Seeing My Time course?

How do I access the webinar once I have purchased it?

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